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Stefan Arngrim

The Cloning Around Interview

In 1992, Stefan came up with an imaginative way of answering his interview questions across the Atlantic rather than having to reply by old fashioned snail-mail. We think and hope you will enjoy the following two part audio interview. Click on either part 1 or part 2 to hear the two segments of the interview, plus a song that Stefan was working on in 1992.

Stefan Arngrim Cloning Around, Part 1

Stefan Arngrim Cloning Around, Part 2

Stefan Arngrim "Come to This"

SFX Interview

Stefan Arngrim - Interview for SFX website

Stefan Arngrim discusses Land of the Giants and Irwin Allen in a new interview with the British SFX magazine website:

Stefan Arngrim Interview with SFX

UK Radio Interview

Stefan Arngrim was interviewed on The Late Show with Ian Collins on UK radio channel TalkSport on the night of 23/24 June 2011.

New Interview

You are cordially invited to participate in a very exciting new project - interviewing Stefan Arngrim.

Think of all the questions you have been wanting to ask Stefan about his work, ideas, and especially about the production of Land of the Giants. Stefan has fascinating insights about the show and as a youngster he took a great interest in the production and the work behind the scenes.

If interested in asking Stefan questions about his career, please email your questions which will be forwarded to Stefan by clicking the following link:

Please include your full name (first name and surname) and location (County/State/Country). Also, please include contact details (email or phone if you wish) in case we need to clarify any questions with you.

Any questions Stefan is able to answer will be published on his web site and for fans without Internet access in future Giants Log newsletters (details on the Giants Log web site).

When the interview questions and answers are published we will include your first name and location with your question.

There is no time limit. Just send in your questions as you think of them (with your name and location). Stefan will answer a batch of questions at a time, and we'll update the web site as we get more.

If you have questions about any of the episodes, it might be worth including some background information to jog his memory (when Stefan visited England a while back pictures around the place jogged his memory including many funny recollections).

We look forward to hearing from you.


Giants Log interview

Ten Questions for Stefan Arngrim



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